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Laser elements at the China international import expo


The exposition, from five continents 172 countries and regions and international organizations to participate, to show the world the development achievements and national image, the exhibitors reached more than 3600 Which also covers some of the elements of the laser, the exhibition of famous enterprises and appearance of the products are: laser trumpf fast MANZ laser with machine tool precision laser processing solutions Japan mazar-e-sharif grams of laser cutting machine tools The keyence laser marking and laser equipment Belgium LVD optical fiber laser cutting machine Australia ANCA laser cutting machine, etcAmong many participating countries, Lithuania is the first sign of participating countries Among them, the laser industry is one of the most proud industry in Lithuania At present, 10% of the world's scientific lasers from Lithuania, femtosecond laser, accounted for 50% of global market many enjoy international reputation of cutting-edge scientific research institutions are Lithuania important users of laser products, such as the NASA Goddard space flight center in the United States The European space agency Israel's nuclear research center, as well as 90% of the world's top 100 universities are using Lithuania in manufacture of laser equipmentLidar enterprises in Lithuania form industrial clusters with small size and large output, and enhance the overall competitiveness of lidar industry by integrating resources and knowledge guidance.

Green laser, Blue laser, Red laser,Yellow laser, UV laser, IR laser.


Lithuanian President dalia Gerry package, Kate is a good way to answer this question, said she thinks: China's market is so great that is geared to the needs of the global market at the same time, all countries want to enter the market China has constantly in the development and changes, China's steady development has become the source of the power of the development of world economy and trade In recent years, China laser engineering application market has become an indicator of global laser industry developmentIn 2017, is one of China's real economy, especially the manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the decisive battle of the year, in 2018, the real economy will further boost and render good momentum of rapid development Intelligent manufacturing equipment for the significance of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is self-evident, as the main battleground of the revitalization of the real economy, manufacturing industry in the past two years of advanced laser processing technology and equipment market demand is increasing year by year, for the Chinese laser intelligent equipment enterprise opened a huge market space, not only the laser enterprises (the birth of a new enterprise) will expand the circle of friends, capital input will accelerateThose who are already ahead of the layout laser intelligent manufacturing equipment development and with the automatic production line industry solution laser enterprises, will be more market competitive advantage, this year sales will continue to moderate and boost the company's performance According to the Laser Manufacture News reports the latest release of the related data, industrial Laser and related products in China market in 2017 72.1 billion yuan, up 32.6% from a year earlier in 2018 will continue to present a high-speed growth.

In the new era, laser enterprises to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, import and export trade, will become a new profit growth point.

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